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Answer: The grandexchange in varock. That's the only non combat, and non smithing way.

Answer: You can buy one at the Grand Exchange; make one yourself; or buy one at the kiteshield shop.

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Q: Where do you get an adamant kiteshield in runescape?
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Where can you find the dragon kiteshield in RuneScape?

There is no Dragon Kiteshield in Runescape, there is only a Dragon Square Shield and to get the your cheapest bet is off another player at Grand Exchange.

What is a good cheap price to lend guthix kiteshield on runescape per day?

5k, but chances are no-one will want to borrow a Guthix Kiteshield - since it's equal to a rune Kiteshield and its only looks.

What is the best adamant 1 handed weapon on runescape?

The adamant battle axe and adamant scimitar are.

In runescape what adamant armor can nonmembers buy?

All adamant armour like Adamant full helm, Adamant platebody, Adamant plateleg

What is the best reward from dungoneering in RuneScape?

Chaotic equipment (kiteshield, staff, maul, etc.)

Where can you buy an adamant pickaxe on runescape?

Grand Exchange

What level is a adamant dragon in runescape?

Adamant Dragons do not exist. The highest-tier metal dragon is still Mithril.

What is better on runescape a silverlight bluritesword or adamant scimitar?

addy scimitar

What is after adamant armor in runescape?

The next level would be rune armor.

In runescape what is the best adamant sword?

a adamant scimitar, its fastest and best. but if you want to hit high you could use a 2-handed sword

What is the best thing to alch in Runescape besides yew longbows?

Adamant Platebody

Where can you loot for adamant arrows on RuneScape?

u can sell them for lots in the grand exange for loads