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You can find this out quickly in the game itself: click on the skills icon, and click the "Defense" skill - the relevant skill for wearing most armour. In the case of adamant, the answer (for the new RuneScape) is that you need Defense level 40.

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Q: What level do you have to be to wear adamant in RuneScape?
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What level is a adamant dragon in runescape?

Adamant Dragons do not exist. The highest-tier metal dragon is still Mithril.

What is after adamant armor in runescape?

The next level would be rune armor.

What is the best adamant 1 handed weapon on runescape?

The adamant battle axe and adamant scimitar are.

In runescape what adamant armor can nonmembers buy?

All adamant armour like Adamant full helm, Adamant platebody, Adamant plateleg

What defence level do you need to wear adamant gloves?

it is lvl 30

Where can you buy an adamant pickaxe on runescape?

Grand Exchange

What ores are mined?

in runescape you can mine copper and tin at level 1 iron at level 15 coal at level 30 gold at level 40 mithril at level 55 adamant at level 70 rune at level 85

What is better on runescape a silverlight bluritesword or adamant scimitar?

addy scimitar

What level you need to wear elite black in runescape?

Ball Sack

What combat level do you have to be to wear a skill cape on runescape?

any level you just have to have 99 of that skill.

In runescape what is the best adamant sword?

a adamant scimitar, its fastest and best. but if you want to hit high you could use a 2-handed sword

What is the best thing to alch in Runescape besides yew longbows?

Adamant Platebody