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You get an Accelgor when you trade Karrablast for Shelmet. After both arrive, they will evolve, into Accelgor and Escavalier.

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Q: Where do you get accelgor in Pokemon Black and White?
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Where do you find a accelgor in Pokemon White?

You have to trade a pokemon to get accelgor. I can't remember the pokemon, though.

What Pokemon does the Pokemon league champion in Pokemon Black have?

Accelgor, Bouffalant, Escavalier, Druddigon, Vanilluxe and Volcarona and that applies for both Pokemon Black and White.

What Nintendo DS game Pokemon white or black is the Pokemon Shelmet in?

shelmet is in both games. trade shelmet with karrablast to get accelgor and escaveler

How do you evolve shelmet in accelgor in Pokemon white?

You have to trade if for a karrablast

What level does Shelmet learn Bug Buzz in pokemon black?

Level 44 as shelmet or accelgor

What type of Pokemon is Accelgor?

Accelgor is based on either a Ninja, an Auto Racer, a Bagworm Pupae, or a Giant Tune Worm, as it states on Bulbapedia.

Is Accelgor or Escavalier the better Pokemon?

If you want a fast pokemon get accelgor and if you want defense and physical get Escavalier. But I rather get Accelgor becuase its fast and has decent special attack. BTW Accelgor has bad defense and Escavalier has slow speed

What is the national pokedex number for Accelgor?

Accelgor is #617 in the national pokedex, and it is a Bug type Pokemon.

Can you get accelgor in Pokemon black?

Type your answer here... trade someone a karablast and make sure the other person is giving you a shellmet and both pokemon will evolive.

What level does shelmet evolve in Pokemon White?

Shelmet do not evolve by level in Pokemon White. Shelmet evolve into accelgor when traded for karrablast if neither the shelmet nor the karrablast is holding an everstone.

What Pokemon comes after accelgor in the pokedex?


What two Pokemon does alder have?