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in the shiney toilet of course!

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Q: Where do you get a shiny Margikarp in Pokemon Pearl?
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How do you get the golden magikarp?

A golden Margikarp is a shiny margikarp, and as with other shiny Pokemon, there is only a 1/1892 chance of getting a Shiny(golden) magikarp. Breeding a Shiny Gyarados or a Shiny margikarp with another shiny Pokemon THAT CAN BREED WITH GYARADOS/MARGIKARP may have a higher chance of breeding a shiny magikarp. You can also trade the shiny gyarados from Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal version.

Where to find margikarp level 20 in pearl?

Get a good rod

How do you find shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

To get a shiny Pokemon try using the poke radar

Can the Pokemon be shiny when it hatches out of a egg on Pokemon pearl?

I think a egg with a shiny Pokemon in it is a different color

Where do you find Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

You can find shiny Pokemon randomly through out the game.

Pokemon Pearl shiny Pokemon code?

the code is 77777899992220

A Pokemon code to make your Pokemon shiny on pearl?


Which Pokemon evolves with the shiny stone in Pokemon pearl?


Is there a person in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl who tells you where shiny Pokemon are?


How can you get a shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

You have to use cheat code.

How do you get a shiny Riolu in Pokemon Pearl?

A shiny Riolu is like any other shiny Pokemon in the game, for every Pokemon that you encounter, there is a 1 in 8192 chance that it will be shiny.

What is the ar code for getting and keeping shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

you don't need a ar code to catch and keep shiny Pokemon in Pokemon pearl all you need to do is find the shiny Pokemon you want and catch it and unless you release it you keep it.