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in the gadget room and click on the sun hat

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Q: Where do you get a bigger propeller on Club Penguin?
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Where is the bigger propeller for the green puffle on club penguin?

In the gadget room.

Where is rookie on Club Penguin?

Rookie on club penguin is the green penguin with the red and white propeller hat. He is like one of the famous people but he is not one of the bigger ones he is a smaller famous person.

How do you get the propeller hat in Club Penguin?

buy it

Where do you find a bigger propeller hat on the mysterious tremors club penguin?

In the corner of the Gadget Room, there is a shelving unit and the large propeller hat is on the left side of the central shelf.

How do you get the propeller cap in Club Penguin?

You get it in the Festival of Flight.

Where do you find the propeller on club penguin misssion 8?

In Club Penguin Mission 8, you get the propeller hat at the PSA Headquarters. Once you get the propeller hat, head to the dock so you can get the lantern after speaking with Herbert.

How do you make a penguin hop on Club Penguin?

you can't....... but if you have a propeller cap then you can fly........:)

Where do you find the propeller hat in club penguin?

u find it behoind rockhoppers propeller thing

When will propeller hat will come again in club penguin?


What is the code for the propeller hat in club penguin 2012?


Were to get flaying hat in Club Penguin?

( propeller hat ) you can get these in parties on club penguin. Youy can see when a party comes by the newspaper

How do you fly the propeller cap on club penguin?

you fly it by dancing. but you can not have any items on except the propeller cap.