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Ok the code is nothing its realy nothing and thats all

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Q: What is the code for the blue propeller cap in club penguin?
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What is the code for the propeller hat in club penguin 2012?


What is the red propeller hat code in club penguin 2012?


Where do you get a blue book in Club Penguin?

You get the code from any club penguin book.

What is the club penguin propeller hat code?

The propeller hat is not an unlockable item. It needs to be bought from the item catalog (when it is there), get it from club penguin game day, or take it as a free item in (usually the April fool's) party.

What is a code for blue hair on club penguin?

its 1123ajdji

What is the code of blue hair on club penguin?

theblueocean is the answer

What is the code for blue trousers on Club Penguin?


What is the unlock code for the green propeller hat on club penguin?

its only on april fools day but here's a code to get a free pumpkin its "PUMPKIN1"

What is the colour code on club penguin vegetable villain mission?


What is the code blue trousers on club penguin?

I know what The code is but you have to meet me on :Yeti snow forts

Where is the blue book on club penguin?

You can get a blue book by answering a book code, along with some coins.

What is the id code on club penguin to get a blue face paint?

The id for the blue face paint is 134