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The propeller hat is in Gadget Room near the TVs.

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Q: Where is the propeller hat in mission 8 in the HQ club penguin?
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What does the propeller hat on club penguin on mission 8 look like?

The Propeller Hat is on a coatrack behind in HQ.

Where do you find the propeller on club penguin misssion 8?

In Club Penguin Mission 8, you get the propeller hat at the PSA Headquarters. Once you get the propeller hat, head to the dock so you can get the lantern after speaking with Herbert.

How do you get the propeller hat in Club Penguin?

buy it

Were to get flaying hat in Club Penguin?

( propeller hat ) you can get these in parties on club penguin. Youy can see when a party comes by the newspaper

How do you fly with propeller hat on club penguin?

When you have the propeller hat wear nothing but the hat. Then when you have it on wave and you will be flying. You can not move and fly at the same time. Add me on club penguin. My name is Pangy Pong.

Who is rookie in the mission clockwork repairs in Club Penguin?

He is the guy who is green, wears a propeller hat and red shades.He is a agent.

When will propeller hat will come again in club penguin?


What is the code for the propeller hat in club penguin 2012?


How do you get the propeller in the mission in club penguin?

The propeller is in the gadget room go near the coats and you'll see a brown hat that when your mouse goes over it a propeller comes out , click on that and put it in your inventory

How do you get a propeller hat on Club Penguin?

you can get it on April fools day or if you buy an club penguin item in real life, it usually comes with a code. you them enter the code on club penguin and pick an item on the credit cataloge. in this cataloge one of the items is the propeller hat. if you where this hat on your penguin without any other clothing, and press the botton that makes your penguin dance, the propeller hat will start working and lift the penguin into the air.

Where do you find the propeller hat in club penguin?

u find it behoind rockhoppers propeller thing

How do you get a green propeller hat?

You cant get a propeller hat on April fools day or from the treasure book from a plush or club penguin toy. Penguin Creamycake4 (member)