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You can trade an Abra for Mr. Mime in a house on Route 3 in Pokemon FireRed.

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Q: Where do you get Mr Mime in Pokemon FireRed?
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Where do you get mr mime in Pokemon emerald?

Mr mime is not obtainable in emerald so you must trade one from firered or leafgreen that has gotten mr mime also a shadow mr mime is in Pokemon xd gale of darkness after beating the game and purifying it you can transfer it to emerald.

How do you get mr mime in firered?

Change him for your Abra with NPC.

Where do you find Mr. Mime in Pokemon FireRed?

you have to trade for it. the end of Digletts tunnel you see first has a house near it. once you know cut you can get in to the house, i think the man asks for an Abra in exchange for Mr Mime.

How Can you get mime jr in Pokemon FireRed?

No, sorry. Mime Jr. doesn't exist in Firered. Try Emerald, Sapphire, or higher.

Can you breed Mr mime in firered?

Yeah use a Ditto to do that, put ditto and mr mime in the four island daycare wait.... get the egg then hatch it but it will be a mr mime not a mimejr.

Can you have a mime jr in Pokemon firered?

Mime Jr. can only be obtained in the Trophy Garden south of Hearthome City, talk to mr backlot inside the mansion every day and he will tell you what rare Pokemon is in his garden that day,

Where is mr mime in pokemon firered?

you can not get mr.mime in Pokemon pearl,you can only get mr.mime in Pokemon,you would have to trade Pokemon with someone you know who has Pokemon diamond and has mime jr. or mr.mime.or trade Pokemon with someone who has Pokemon platinum. different person:you could also migrate from fire red or leafgreen another different person: You can get mime jr on Pokemon pearl(mr backlots trophy garden) and evolve it.

What is the fastist Pokemon?

mr. mime

What episode of Pokemon did Ash's Mom catch Mr. Mime in?

Ash's Mom acquires Mr. Mime in the episode titled "It's Mr Mime Time."

How do you bread a mr mime to get mime jr in Pokemon soulsilver?

give mr mime an odd incense and breed it with ditto in day-care

Is there a Pokemon called Mrs. Mime?

No, although it's possible for Mr. Mime to be female.

How do you get a mrmime in Pokemon FireRed?

in order to get mr. mime, go to route 2 with cut, go up through the trees and into the house. the guy will trade a mr.mime to you for some Pokemon (im not sure what he wants)