Can you breed Mr mime in firered?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yeah use a Ditto to do that, put ditto and mr mime in the four island daycare wait.... get the egg then hatch it but it will be a mr mime not a mimejr.

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Q: Can you breed Mr mime in firered?
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Where do you get Mr Mime in Pokemon FireRed?

You can trade an Abra for Mr. Mime in a house on Route 3 in Pokemon FireRed.

How do you get mr mime in firered?

Change him for your Abra with NPC.

How do you breed mr mime to get mime jr in Pokemon pearl?

You need to train your Mime Jr until it gets to level 18 and then it will evolve

Can you catch mr mime on HeartGold?

You need to breed Mr. Mime while it holds the Odd Incense

How do you bread a mr mime to get mime jr in Pokemon soulsilver?

give mr mime an odd incense and breed it with ditto in day-care

Where do you get mr mime in Pokemon emerald?

Mr mime is not obtainable in emerald so you must trade one from firered or leafgreen that has gotten mr mime also a shadow mr mime is in Pokemon xd gale of darkness after beating the game and purifying it you can transfer it to emerald.

Can you breed eevees with a mr mime in Pokemon platinum?


How do you breed Mr. mime to get mime Jr. in Pokemon soul silver?

obtain the odd incense and then breed mr.mime but it all on bulbapedia really XD

What does mr. mime evolve into in Pokemon Gold?

Mr. Mime does not evolve. It has, however, a pre-evolution named Mime Jr. but it's only from the generation IV and above. In order to have it, you must breed Mr. Mime while holding the Odd Incense.

How do you get a egg containing mime jr?

Breed a male Mr. Mime and a female on in the day care (or a male ditto)

What level does mime jr evolve at?

It doesn't evolve by level. It evolves when it learns "Mimic". It learns Mimic at level 18.

How do you get mime jr in Pokemon HeartGold?

this Pokemon does not exist in the game leafgreen leafgreen is a Third Generation game and the Pokemon mime jr only exists in the Fourth Generation games (Pokémon Pearl / Diamond).