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you can not buy them, they can only be found in item balls.

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Q: Where do you get Max Ether in Pokemon FireRed?
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Where to catch Charmander in Pokemon FireRed?

You can not catch a Charmander in Pokemon Firered you must ether choose it as your starter or trade one from Leafgreen

How do you get out of the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon FireRed?

You can ether find your'e way or use an escape rope.

What are the max stats for each Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

1000 is the answer

How do you beat the Pokemon League in Pokemon FireRed for the first time?

It's really simple. by 50 or more or less full restore and max ether every time you beat somebody save and restore your Pokemon and make them do their moves more.

Where can you buy max ether in Pokemon emerald?

Probably @ the pokemon dept. store in lillycove.

Where do you get a max revive in Pokemon FireRed?

safari place

Can you buy a PP restore on Pokemon Diamond?

sadly no, ether, max ether, elixir, and max elixir, all pp gainers are not sold in the pokemarket, you have to find it with the dowsing machine

Where can you buy ether or max ether in Pokemon leaf green?

Neither item can be purchased. Normally you can find some throughout the game.

Where can you find an item that prevents pokemon from fleeing in Firered?

you can ether have move like mean look or you can have a wobbufet. He has an ability that the wild pokemon can't flee

Where to buy ether on firered?

you cant. you have to use the itemfinder

What is softboiled in Pokemon FireRed?

Softboiled is a move that allows a pokemon to restore half its hp

Where is TM Thief in Pokemon LeafGreen?

it's in mt moon there will be a ladder by one of those youngsters just go down there and one of those rocks holds a ether or max ether