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safari place

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Q: Where do you get a max revive in Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you resurrect Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

You have to use item "Revive" or "Max Revive" or you have to go to the Pokemon Center and talk to Sister Joy. There are also places and people in certain locations that can revive your fainted Pokemons.

Where do you get a max revive in FireRed?

you have to go to Pokemon indigo i think and before the battles theres a shop and i think u buy it from there

How do you get max revive in Pokemon Crystal?

You can not buy a Max revive in Crystal. You must find them in the wild.

How do you get max revive in Pokemon pearl?

route 214

What are the max stats for each Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

1000 is the answer

What is the dome fossil in Pokemon FireRed?

If taken to cinnbar island's research lab you can revive the Pokemon inside the fossil which will be Kabuto.

How do you get max revive in Pokemon Gold?

You have to find them in item capsels throught the game. They can't be bought.

How do you get max revive in Pokemon emerald?

You can't buy them, but you can find them in pokeballs and on the ground, using the itemfinder

Where do you get Max Ether in Pokemon FireRed?

you can not buy them, they can only be found in item balls.

Where can you get a max revive on Pokemon black?

im not shure where exactly to get a max revives but i do know that you can get revival herbs at driftveil city. at the driftveil market

Where can you buy a max revive in Pokemon soul silver?

You buy it pokemon mart, maybe the one at Indigo Plateau.If you change this with a retard answer you are a huge FAG!

How do you get the Pokemon out of the fossil in Pokemon FireRed?

On one of the islands i forget which but there is a museum with a scientist that will revive it for you then leave and come straite back into the room and he says uve been gone forever! Then he gives it to you