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safari place

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Q: Where do you get a max revive in Pokemon FireRed?
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Where do you revive the fossil in Pokemon FireRed?

Cinibar island

Where do you revive fossils in Pokemon FireRed?

The lab in Cinnabar Island.

Were do you go in Pokemon FireRed to revive fossils?

its on cinnibar island in the building on left of the Pokemon centre

Where can you get revive FireRed?

You can buy revives at pokemarts at cinnibar island and the Pokemon league.

What is in cinnabar island in Pokemon FireRed?

in cinnbar island there is blaines gym and also you can revive your fossils!!

What is the dome fossil in Pokemon FireRed?

If taken to cinnbar island's research lab you can revive the Pokemon inside the fossil which will be Kabuto.

How do you hack Pokemon FireRed without action replay device max on Pokemon FireRed version for free?

You can't hack FireRed without a cheating device such as a GameShark or an Action Replay and especially not for free.

Where can you buy a max revive in Pokemon soul silver?

You buy it pokemon mart, maybe the one at Indigo Plateau.If you change this with a retard answer you are a huge FAG!

How do you get the Pokemon out of the fossil in Pokemon FireRed?

On one of the islands i forget which but there is a museum with a scientist that will revive it for you then leave and come straite back into the room and he says uve been gone forever! Then he gives it to you

Is there a ar code for max revive seeds?


Can you buy max revive?

Yes In goldenrod

What is the Action Replay Max Code for getting the Mystic Ticket in Pokemon FireRed?

it is all of the codes on the system

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Where do you get a max revive in FireRed?

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