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Talk to Fawn and play that thread game until you get a yellow one

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Q: Where do you find yellow thread in your Tinkerbell DS game?
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Where do you find strong yellow thread in your Tinkerbell ds game?

Go to dewberry grow a yellow seed go to Mariana ask for a favor ask to manage threads ask to dye threads ask to dye strong threads yellow and you got yourself a strong yellow thread

Where do you find yellow leafs in Tinkerbell DS game?

Playing the leaf game

Where do you find the spells in the DS game Tinkerbell and the lost treasure?


How do you find lily in Tinkerbell the game?

I have the Tinker Bell game and you probably do too. It really stinks but Lily is NOT in the game!! That is really to bad. But on the plus side, there is a lot of other garden fairies!

Where do you find strong white thread in the Tinkerbell ds game?

You can get strong white thread from silkworms, or you might find it lying around (one of the little shiny things). I think that you get it from the very, very fat, or maybe the very tall and fat white silkworms? I'm not sure, but you can definitely get it from silkworms, somehow. Hope this helped :)

Where do you find cherry blossoms on tinker bell?

where do you find cherry blossoms in the Tinkerbell D.S game

How do you thread accessories in Tinkerbell ds game?

Count from 1 to how ever many items there are. For example there will be a 1-4, a 2 and a 3. Start at 1, go to 2, go to 3, then go back to get 4.

How can you get silk from Fawn on the Tinkerbell DS game?

you can't

On the Tinkerbell ds game how do you get the green dewdrop?

talk to silvermist and play the dewdrop game

Where do you find red thread in your Tinkerbell DS game?

To find red thread you must report to Fawn, the animal fairy. Talk to her and she'll ask if you want to chat or collect threads, choose collect threads. You should start with all white silkworms. Do many white ones, mainly the big white ones, and then at one point they should give you different colored silkworms; if there is a red silkworm follow the insructions; pet it, circle around it to make the silk, tap the worm until it leaves, and then put it in the basket. At the end when time is up you will get your red thread!

How do you get seeds on Tinkerbell DS?

You talk to Rosetta and lay that ladybug game

In poptropica where do you find the fairy girl and the fairy wand?

The blue fairy outfit, wand, and pixie dust were part of the TinkerBell ad game from November, 2009.