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You can either find them in the winter section as a sparkle or go to Rosetta and paint lady bugs 5-10 times in the normal mode and she will give you one.

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Q: How do you find the snowdrops on the Tinkerbell ds game?
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Where do you find yellow leafs in Tinkerbell DS game?

Playing the leaf game

Where do you find the spells in the DS game Tinkerbell and the lost treasure?


Where do you find water lily in Tinkerbell for ds?

In the game Tinkerbell for DS, you can find water lilies in the Pixie Hollow Garden area. Look around ponds or bodies of water within the game to locate the water lilies.

Where do you find yellow thread in your Tinkerbell DS game?

Talk to Fawn and play that thread game until you get a yellow one

How can you get silk from Fawn on the Tinkerbell DS game?

you can't

On the Tinkerbell ds game how do you get the green dewdrop?

talk to silvermist and play the dewdrop game

Where do you find a topaz on Tinkerbell ds?

You can get one by gem hunting with Iridessa

Where is marina on Tinkerbell ds game?

Mariana is in the Pixie Hollow tree in the item shop.

How do you get a green dewdrop on Tinkerbell for the DS?

go to silvermist and catch the dew drops(mini-game).

In the Tinkerbell game for the DS were is the snowflake?

In the Tinkerbell game for DS, the snowflake can be found in the Winter Woods area of the game. It is usually hidden in a specific location that you have to search for by exploring the area thoroughly. Once you find the snowflake, make sure to collect it to progress in the game.

How do you beat Tinkerbell game on Nintendo DS?

pelo computador é so você falar:: asaubumbisdksa

How do you get tulip on Tinkerbell ds?

You find a sparkle somewere and you should find 2x tulip that should work try it!