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you can't

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Q: How can you get silk from Fawn on the Tinkerbell DS game?
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Where do you find yellow thread in your Tinkerbell DS game?

Talk to Fawn and play that thread game until you get a yellow one

Where is fawn in the Tinkerbell ds game?

You can usually find Fawn in the 'Animal Fairy Hideout' which you can enter through the Harvest Promenade. If she's not there, try looking around all the Autumn places. I hoped this helped, and good luck finding Fawn!

How do you play minigames in Tinkerbell ds?

You talk to all of her friends....except terance1. silvermist2.rosetta3.iridessa4. fawn

Where do you find yellow leafs in Tinkerbell DS game?

Playing the leaf game

On the Tinkerbell ds game how do you get the green dewdrop?

talk to silvermist and play the dewdrop game

Where do you find the spells in the DS game Tinkerbell and the lost treasure?


Where is marina on Tinkerbell ds game?

Mariana is in the Pixie Hollow tree in the item shop.

Where do you find water lily in Tinkerbell for ds?

In the game Tinkerbell for DS, you can find water lilies in the Pixie Hollow Garden area. Look around ponds or bodies of water within the game to locate the water lilies.

How do you get a green dewdrop on Tinkerbell for the DS?

go to silvermist and catch the dew drops(mini-game).

How do you beat Tinkerbell game on Nintendo DS?

pelo computador é so você falar:: asaubumbisdksa

Where is the red seed on Tinkerbell ds game?

you have to go to spring valley then head to the rose and talk to Rosetta and play the ladybug game until you get the red seed.

Does the Tinkerbell Ds game ever end?

You probably have to get everything that you don't have in dresses shoes tops and bottoms and make every accessory