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near safari zone were the grass is

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Q: Where do you find vulpix in Pokemon Heart Gold?
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Where can you find growilth in SoulSilver?

You can't. In Soul Silver, you can catch a Vulpix but not a Growlithe. In Heart Gold, you can catch a Growlithe but not a Vulpix. I recommend trading a Vulpix (or any Pokemon, really) to someone with a Heart Gold game in exchange for a Growlithe.

Where do you get vulpix in Pokemon HeartGold?

You can't catch vulpix in Heart Gold, though you can catch it in Soul Silver. On the small route 37, Below Ecruteak City, you can find: ~Heart Gold = growlithe ~Soul Silver = vulpix (they both evolve using a fire stone)

Where do you get a vulpix in Pokemon indigo?

where to find a vulpix on pokemon UNOVARPG

Where can you find a vulpix?

Soul Silver: route 36 Heart Gold: trade with Soul Silver

Where do i find a vulpix on Pokemon Red?

Vulpix is only in Pokemon Blue. Sorry :(

Where can you find vulpixes in heart gold in the safari zone?

You can't find Vulpix in the Safari Zone, or anywhere in HeartGold.

Where can you find a vulpix in Pokemon fire red?

You can't find a Vulpix in Pokemon FireRed version. That pokemon is version-exclusive to Pokemon LeafGreen.

Where can you find Groleth in Soul silver?

you cant he's only in heart gold vulpix is there instead of growlithe

Can you get vulpix on Pokemon ruby?

You find Vulpix in the exterior of Mt. Pyre.

Where to catch vulpix in Pokemon Gold?

In Gold, you can only get it through trade. But for Sliver players, you can find it in Routes 7, 8, 36, and 37.

Where can you find vulpix in Pokemon Red?

Vulpix is only in Pokemon Blue, so you have to trade in order to get one.

How do you find vulpix on Pokemon FireRed?

Vulpix is only available in leafgreen version.