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Unlike most Pokemon games where you get the town map before you leave your home town, you get this one a few towns on. You get it from the town of rustboro. After you do there what you have to do, you go to a cave where a man states he had his peeku stolen. Go in that cave, and you see a team aqua member with his bird, kill her and he will come in and thank you, take his bird and tell you to come see him sometime. Then as you walk out a man will greet you and take you back to Devon corp where they will give you a poke nav, in here is the map. After you finish, head back to mr brineys cottage and set sail for dewford.

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Q: Where do you find the town map for Pokemon emerald version?
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Where can you find requeaza in Pokemon emerald version?

in sky pillar, east from paciflog town.

Where can you relearn moves in emerald?

In some versions of Pokemon, it is possible to relearn certain moves. For example, in Emerald version, you can go to Fallabor Town.

What route is Sky Pillar on in Pokemon Emerald Version?

east of Pacificlog Town towards the North of route.

Where can i find time balls on Pokemon Emerald time balls on Pokemon Emerald?

you can only get timer balls on rustboro city pokemart on emerald

Is the Pokemon bagon rare?

yes it is because it is a dragon type and its very hard to find by clesitic town or in emerald version because dragon types again are very hard to find.

How do you use fly to go to places in Pokemon Emerald version?

Choose the Pokemon that has fly then press A on the fly choose a city or town and press A.

How do you get to Pallet Town in Pokemon Emerald?

Pokemon Emerald takes place in a different region than Kanto (the home of Pallet Town). You cannot go there in Pokemon Emerald.

How do you get koffing in Pokemon?

It depends which version you are playing. Red/Blue version: You can find Koffing in the Pokemon Mansion, however he is rare in Blue version. Yellow Version: He cannot be found in Yellow. Gold/Crystal/Silver version: You can find him in Mahogany Town or the Burned Tower. Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald version: You can find him on the Fiery Path, however he is rare in Sapphire version. FireRed/LeafGreen version: You can find him in the Pokemon Mansion, however he is rare in LeafGreen. Colosseum: He cannot be found in Colosseum. XD: He cannot be found in XD.

How to find flanerry in Pokemon Emerald?

Flannerry is the gym leader of the lavaridge town gym.

Where is Sky Pillar in Pokemon Emerald Version?

the sky pillar is just west of pacifilog town its actually slightly east

How do you get to sandgem town in Pokemon emerald?

sandgem town is in DIAMOND & PEARL not emerald..veronica

How do you get the town map on pokemon ruby?

There is no town map. You might be referring to the Pokenav, which is Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald's version of the Town Map. You can get it at Rustboro City from the Devon Corporation's President.