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1. Dreamyard-In the past, there was a cone there. But it's removed later on. There will be some Pokemon trainers to battle you. After you reach the end of that area, you find a sage!WOOT!6 TO GO!

2. Chargestone Cave-At the very bottom of the chargestone cave is a sage. But he'll summon 2 Team Plasma grunts to battle you.

Team Plasma Grunt (Male) 1 Pokemon: Watchog Lv. 63, Scrafty Lv. 63. (Reward: 2520 Pokedollars.)

Team Plasma Grunt (Female) 2 Pokemon: Liepard Lv. 62, Garbodor Lv 62, Liepard Lv. 62 (Reward: 2480 Pokedollars.)

Bronius (The sage) will give you TM69 Rock Polish if you defeat the 2 Team Plasma Grunts.

3. At the end of Route 18. The place where all of the water currents are.

4. The Relic Castle. The first time you go down there, you weren't able to explore more because Cheren and Adler took you out. but when you go there again, you are able to continue. There is a frustrating maze though.

5. Route 14-He's on a mountain. You need surf and waterfall to get there.

6. Cold Storage. Go into the room you fought off all of the Plasma grunts.

7. Ghetsis...

If you have Pokemon black he will be out the front of the black city and if you have white he will be out the front of white forest.

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Q: Where do you find the seven sages in Pokemon Black and white?
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Where is Ghetsis in Pokemon Black?

That is not really a question to ask but if you asked who is ghetsis he is one of the seven sages in Pokemon black and white.

Where is Looker the agent?

he only is in Pokemon platinum and Pokemon black and white in Pokemon platinum you see him in jubilife city, and I think maybe at Team Galactic HQ. in Pokemon black and white after you beat the elite four, he is looking for the seven sages. after you find all seven sages he'll talk to you and he'll arrest the 7 sages. you will never see him again after that.

What do you do after you find the seven sages on Pokemon white?

Well you could go to white forest on white and find ghetsis on black go to front of black city

What do you do after finding the seven sages in Pokemon white?

The is nothing else to really do. The seven sages were basically the final mission.

Where are all the seven sages in Pokemon white?

Nothing that's it

What do you do after you found all seven sages?

Just enjoy Pokemon black and white! catch your favorite Pokemon, do global trades/battles or battle your friends! Have fun!

How do you move the cone in Pokemon white to get to one of the seven sages?

Only if you beat the Pokemon league.

Do you need all 7 sages to get Rayquaza in Pokemon White?

yes you have to find all of the seven to catch rayquaza in pokemon white

Where is looker after you find all seven sages in Pokemon white?

Yo mammas house

Where do you find Zekrom after the 7 sages in Pokemon black?

Zekrom is exclusive to Pokemon White, you will need to trade it.

What happens when you win the elite four in Pokemon Black?

The Elite Four in Pokemon Black/White is quite simple to beat (in comparison to the other games), but what you have to do next is defeat N, the the leader of the Seven Sages, whatever his name was.

Where are all six sages in Pokemon black and white after you battle getsis?

go to www.pokemon Black & White-New to find out.