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The is nothing else to really do. The seven sages were basically the final mission.

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Q: What do you do after finding the seven sages in Pokemon white?
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How do you find ghetesis after finding all of the seven sages in Pokemon white?

i have been on several official cites looking for this including Pokemon wiki and serebii they list how to find the seven sages but not ghetesis so i think you cant sorry

Where are all the seven sages in Pokemon white?

Nothing that's it

Where do you find looker after finding all the seven sages in Pokemon white?

After you have Looker arrest the last sage out of the Seven Sages, He should thank you and he should also tell about a boy who sounds exactly like N, who has been seen with a dragon pokemon somewhere far away... ^_^

How do you move the cone in Pokemon white to get to one of the seven sages?

Only if you beat the Pokemon league.

What do you do after finding the first six sages on pokemon white?

You cannot find Ghestis. He disappeared after you battled him and N at the Pokemon League.

Where to find Zekrom after finding all seven sages?

You should have Zekrom already by that point. If you're playing Pokemon Black, then remember that Zekrom is N's pokemon, so you won't be able to get it. You need to trade it from Pokemon White.

Do you need all 7 sages to get Rayquaza in Pokemon White?

yes you have to find all of the seven to catch rayquaza in pokemon white

Where is looker after you find all seven sages in Pokemon white?

Yo mammas house

Once you have found the seven sages Pokemon white where is N?

N's location in the end is a mystery; after finding all of the Sages, Looker tells you that there was a report of someone seeing a dragon with a boy in a farawat region. What region, however, isn't mentioned.

Where is Looker the agent?

he only is in Pokemon platinum and Pokemon black and white in Pokemon platinum you see him in jubilife city, and I think maybe at Team Galactic HQ. in Pokemon black and white after you beat the elite four, he is looking for the seven sages. after you find all seven sages he'll talk to you and he'll arrest the 7 sages. you will never see him again after that.

Where are the six sages in Pokemon white?

First, there's seven sages. Their names are Ghetsis, Gorm, Bronius, Rood, Zinzolin, Giallo, and Ryoku.

Where is Ghetsis in Pokemon Black?

That is not really a question to ask but if you asked who is ghetsis he is one of the seven sages in Pokemon black and white.