Where is Ghetsis in Pokemon Black?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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That is not really a question to ask but if you asked who is ghetsis he is one of the seven sages in Pokemon black and white.

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Q: Where is Ghetsis in Pokemon Black?
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Where to capture ghetsis in Pokemon black?

Ghetsis is not a Pokemon. Instead, he is the final boss of the game's storyline.

What do you do in Pokemon black after you beat N?

you fight ghetsis

Where is the 7th sage in Pokemon Black ghetist?

Ghetsis should be in front of Black City for Pokemon Black.

How do you find ghetsis when you've found 6 of the 7 sages?

Ghetsis will be in front of Black City if you are using Pokemon Black, and White Forest if you are using Pokemon White.

What do you do when ghetsis is not in the black city in pokemon black?

Ghestis disappeared after you defeated him and N.

Where does ghenetis go after you beat him on Pokemon black?

he goes with ghetsis

Where do you find ghetsis on pokemon black?

beat n then you have to battle him

What Pokémon does ghetsis have in Pokémon white?

The same as Pokemon black.

Where can you find n and ghetsis on Pokemon pearl?

You don't. They debut in Pokemon Black and White.

Where is ghetsis when you have finished Pokemon black?

nobody knows.. well, he has disappeared

How do you get a venomoth in Pokemon Black and White?

In the dreamyard after you beat N and Ghetsis.

Where can you find Ghetsis in Pokemon Black?

he is at the pokemon league after you beat all four elites and N