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In the computers control panel

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Q: Where do you find the nvidia geforce control panel on computers?
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How do you disable overclocking on an Nvidia Geforce card?

You should have some kind of "control panel" for your card look around in there. -- Actually, a really nice control panel for those sorts of things is "ntune". It's a control panel for pretty much anything with graphics... not just overclocking.

Where can one download a nvidia control panel for Windows 7?

One can download the Nvidia control panel software for Windows 7 operating system through the main Nvidia website where it offers software downloads for it's products.

Do you need NVIDIA display control panel?

You only need it if you have an NVidia GPU installed on your computer. It is the tool that allows you to alter your display configuration for your NVidia card.

How can you change your graphic settings for windows?

You can go into control panel and double-click display, or you can just right click on an empty space on your desktop & choose properties. If you are using an Nvidia card, choose "NVIDIA Control Panel" in control panel, or in the desktop popup dialog instead of properties.

How do you check temperatures in NVidia video card?

If you open the nVidia control panel on your desktop it should show you all the operating temps of your card

How can you rotate your screen back from horizontal to vertical running windows 7?

The settings for display rotation will depend upon your video card or chip on your computer. If you have a dedicated Intel, ATI or NVidia control panel for your display, you can change the rotation there. Click on the notification area's control panel set and look for an ATI, Intel or NVidia control set. Some computers will have a hotkey assigned to do this by keyboard: CTRL-ALT-(Down or UP arrow).

How do you find out what software installed on computers?

Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features

How do you change the fan speed of your GTX 260 OC?

I think you can change it by going to the Nvidia control Panel. If not, you can download a free program such as Rivatuner or nTune

Where are the computers on a 1999 Chevy Tahoe?

there are three. the body control mod, the engine control mod and the panel control mod. body and panel are under the dash. engine is by the radiator overflow container.

What is a computer control panel?

it is where the computers adminstrater can make changes add or remove stuff

What is cpl all in one software?

it is a small safe program which puts more icons in the control panel to show more things you can do from the control panel. I have used it on many computers for years with no problems at all.

How do you clear history on dell computers?

Start menu> control panel> internet options> delete internet files.