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It is to the right of Hearthome City on Route 209.

You talk to the fisherman on the first dock.

Go to the left of pastoria city on route 212 go down , go left,trough the mud,to the house with the woman with the umbrella,go to your left,and talk to one of the fishermen I hope this helped

what he siad

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Q: Where do you find the good rod in Pokemon Platinum?
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Where do you find the Pokemon finneon on Pokemon platinum?

route 218 (good rod)

Where to find romraid in Pokemon platinum?

use good rod at route 222

Where do you find horsea in Pokemon platinum version?

Route 226 with good rod

Where do you find a finneon on Pokemon platinum?

Canalave City use good rod.

Where do you find Pokemon number 133 in platinum?

you can find a octilery at route 233 with a good rod

Where is a good rod in Pokemon platinum?

head down of solaceon town and see if you can find a firsherman. talk to him and he will give you a good rod

How do you get a good rod in platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum the Good Rod is to the right of Hearthome City. The fisherman on Route 209 will give you the good rod.

Where to find the good rod in Pokemon Sinnoh?

To acquire the Good Rod in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and/or Platinum, simply travel to Route 209 and you will meet a fisherman who will give you the Good Rod.

Where do you find octillery in Pokemon platinum?

use a good rod in Route 223 and theres a 5% chance you will find one

What rod do you need to catch a feebas on Pokemon platinum version?

a good rod or super rod

Where do you find a horesea in Pokemon platinum?

Use a super rod.

Can you catch a feebas with a good rod in Pokemon platinum?