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The following Pokemon learn it by leveling up: Ponyta (lv 53), Rapidash (lv 63), Entei (lv 71).

The TM (TM38) is given by Blaine, the gym leader on Cinnabar Island, as a reward for defeating him.

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Q: Where do you find the fire blast in leafgreen?
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What are Four best attacks of charlizard in leafgreen?

flamethrower, fire blast, blast burn, and brick break

What are the best two moves for my Charizard in LeafGreen if I have Earthquake and Fly?

fire blast and flamethrower

Where do you find the move fire blast in Pokemon Pearl?

You can find TM38 - fire blast at Lake Verity. You have to surf to the other end of the lake, and it is in the grass.

Where can you find Pysduck in LeafGreen?

trade from fire red

How do you find a growlithe in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can't get a growlithe in leafgreen only fire red sorry :( .

What is the best moves of Charizard in Pokemon LeafGreen?

I Don't know for sure. But moves are: Fire Blast, Earthquake, Wing Attack and Flamethrower.

How do you find growline on Pokemon LeafGreen?

you have to trade from fire red

Where do you find growlthie in leafgreen?

You can't Trade from Fire Red

How do you find bill in LeafGreen?

Yes same as fire red

What are the Best moves for snorelax on LeafGreen?

Use a combination of different type attacks, for example: --Hyper Beam --Ice Beam --Thunderbolt --Fire Blast

How do you find find all the Pokemon in leafgreen?

you Cant... got to trade with Fire red!

What are the best moves for my Charizard in Pokemon LeafGreen?

i would say that he should know: slash, flamethrower, fireblast, and blast burn or overheat In my opinion 1 of the best moves lot is : flamethrower, blast burn/ fire blast, dragon claw and fly or arial ace :)