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He's in Selaro Town, just south of Polaris Town and of the Thin Forest.

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Q: Where do you find the Pokemon move tutor in Pokemon ruby destiny?
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Where Is The Move Tutor In Pokemon Pearl?

you can find the move tutor on route 221

Where do you find the move tutor in Pokemon black and white?

driftveil city

When does Gengar learn dream eater?

Actually to teach this move to Gengar you need to find the move tutor that will teach the move to any of your Pokemon this move tutor is in Viridian city you need the HM Cut to get to him though. Also a move tutor in Pokemon xd gale of darkness will teach Dream Eater to your Pokemon.

Where do you trade the heart scale in sapphire?

You trade them with the move tutor for a move for any Pokemon that you replaced by mistakely. You find the move tutor in Fallarbour town. His house is next to the Pokemon Contest Centre! By RL9

Where do you find blast burn in pokemon pearl?

You have to go to the Pokemon move house in Blackthorn City and go to the ultimate move tutor

Where is the move tutor on Pokemon Ruby?

in fallarbor town for him to tutor your Pokemon you need to give him a heart scale (per move)

Where is the Move Tutor on Pokemon Blue?

there is no move tutor on blue/red/yellow. move tutor 1st appears in 2nd gen. games

Where can find aTM fire punch in Pokemon platinum?

fire punch isn't a TM in platinum. There is a move tutor who will teach it to your Pokemon. it is the tutor on the route west of pastoria city

Where is the hm deleter in Pokemon HeartGold?

In the house to the immediate west of the Pokemart in Blackthorne City. There you will find the move deleter, the move tutor, the "ultimate move" tutor(who teaches any starter Pokemon with full friendship their ultimate move) and an old lady that will teach your Pokemon Draco Meteor, if they can learn it.

How do you find the move tutor for heatwave in Pokemon heart gold version?

he is in the city with the dragons den

Move tutor for superpower in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl?

There is no tutor in d/p you must trade the Pokemon to platinum teach it from the shard move tutor in the survival area and then trade it back

Where is the Move Tutor in Pokemon Emerald?

the move tutor is in Fallabor city to the west. but first before he'll teach your Pokemon a move you need to give him a heart scale