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the move tutor is in Fallabor city to the west. but first before he'll teach your Pokemon a move you need to give him a heart scale

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Q: Where is the Move Tutor in Pokemon Emerald?
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Is there a Pokemon in Emerald that learns dig from the move tutor?


Pokemon ruby sapphire and emerald for the ar move tutor codes?


Can the move tutor teach dig in Pokemon emerald?

The Move Tutor in Pokémon Emerald cannot teach the move Dig. Dig cannot be taught by any of the Move Tutors in any of the Pokémon games.

Where is TM rock slide in Pokemon Emerald?

rockslide is not a TM in Pokemon rse but u can get it in battle frontier from a move tutor only in emerald idk about rs

Where is the move tutor guy in Pokemon emerald?

He's in Fallarbor Town, use a heart scale to teach your Pokemon moves

Where is ice punch in Pokemon emerald?

The Ice Punch move tutor is in the Battle Frontier. The move costs 48 B.P.

Wheris the ultimate starter move tutor Pokemon emerald?

That person is in firered and leafgreen on two island.

How do you get sky attack in Pokemon ruby?

Some Pokemon can learn it regularly but since it used to be a TM it can be learned via move tutor though this move tutor isn't in ruby its in emerald and Pokemon xd gale of darkness so transfer any Pokemon you want to teach sky attack to to emerald or xd gale of darkness.

How does salamence learn outrage in Pokemon emerald?

no, it cant learn it. but u might be able to learn it from a move tutor

Were do you teach swampert dynamic punch in Pokemon soul silver?

You can only teach it in Emerald with a move tutor sorry :(

Pokemon Emerald Is there a Gameshark SP code 12 digits to change move tutor moves like Ruby and Sapphire?


Where do you get Ice Punch in Pokemon Emerald?

It's a move tutor attack that you need to unlock somewhere in the battle frontier island