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you dont

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Q: Where do you find team rocket after seeing them in cerulean city gym in soul silver?
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In soul silver when you go to cerulean city where does the team rocket person go?

First he goes in the cerulean city gym.Then he goes to route 24.

Where is team rocket when you get the machine peace back from the grunt in silver?

I believe he is hiding on that yellow bridge in Cerulean city.

What do you do after team rocket in cerulean city?

In Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver, after you defeat the rocket grunt, return the piece back to the Power Plant. Then, you will receive a TM, and then you can finally battle Misty at the Cerulean Gym.

Where is Team Rocket in the Kanto Region in Soul Silver?

dude...were in all regions you cant go anywhere without seeing our name

Pokemon heart gold team rocket man in cerulean city were do you find them next?

You can't find team rocket anymore after the one grunt in Cerulean city.

What town is the cerulean gym in soul silver?

in cerulean city

Where do you find the team rocket guy at cerulean city Pokemon heartgold?

The Team Rocket Guy dashes off to the Cerulean Bridge. He then goes north of the bridge and a little to the left, and is also in a house towards the west side of Cerulean City. His final spot is in the Cerulean City gym, where he hides the machine part.

Where to find the team rocket after he tried to hide?

He will be in one of the various houses, in the Cerulean Gym, and at the bridge annoying the couple between Cerulean City and the Cerulean Cape.

What city is closet to route 25 in soul silver?

Cerulean City

Where is misty in soul silver?

Shes in Cerulean city.

Where is the cerulean city gim leader on silver?

If u look on ur pokegear the is on the L shaped land that is joined to Cerulean City

What do you do after you defeat team rocket?

if you mean on the bridge in cerulean city ,after you have defeated the man their you have yo check the rubber rings at the end of the cerulean gym