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Q: Pokemon soul silver--How do you get from route 27 to cerulean city?
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How do you get to cerulean city in Pokemon Crystal?

Cerulean City, Route 24, Route 25, Route 5, Route 6. After a long walk in the wilderness, you finally arrive in civilization. This is Cerulean City, home of the second Gym. Heal your Pokemon and stock up on items.

Where is route 9 in Pokemon SoulSilver?

To the east of Cerulean City.

Where do you get sandshrew in pokemon leafgreen?

On the route below cerulean city.

Where is route 25 on Pokemon Red?

Northeast of Cerulean City.

Where is the cape on Pokemon HeartGold?

It is the Cerulean cape located north of Cerulean city on route 25 in Kanto

Where is route 24 in Pokemon soul silver?

it is north of cerulean city

On Pokemon HeartGold where's Route 24?

In Pokemon Heart Gold Route 24 Is In Kanto Around Cerulean City

Where is bill house in pokemon crystal version?

goldenrod city and kanto by cerulean city(route 25)

How do you get to route 9 in Pokemon FireRed?

getting cut from vermilion city south of cerulean

Where you catch Suicune in Pokemon SoulSilver?

At the end of route 25, north of Cerulean City.

Where does Bill live in Pokemon Yellow?

Bill lives to the north of Cerulean City, Route 25.

Pokemon HeartGold how do you get to cerulean cave. Like what route is it on?

fly to cerulean city go north across nugget bridge on route 24 and then go left and surf down and then you're there!