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You can't, even in Japan. You can only get it through cheats. If anyone offers you a Meloetta, Genesect, or Keldeo, it is not genuine. It is fake. YOu can only get them through events.

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Q: Where do you find meloetta on Pokemon Black and White?
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Where do you find meloetta in Pokemon Black and White?

It is an event Pokemon and currently unavailable.

Where do you find meloetta on Pokemon white?

you find Meloetta in

Where do you find Meloetta in Pokemon black?

To find meloetta there was an event along time ago sorry

Where do you find meloetta in Pokemon White?

it is not yet known how to get melloetta in pokemon black/white. use hacks or wait untill a wifi/gamestore event will come to your country.

How do you find melodie in Pokemon white?

Melodie? Do you mean Meloetta? You'll need to wait for a Mystery Gift Event for Meloetta in the future.

Does Pokemon White you find Zekrom and black you find the white Pokemon?

Yes. You find zekrom in Pokemon white and the white Pokemon in Pokemon black.

What date is the meloetta event in Pokemon black UK?

around march 24th, but i cant find my source

Where can you catch a meloetta in pokemon black 2?

Some say that you can find it in flocessy ranch or in a route with about 3 ledges in a row in pokemon black 2 without any cheats

Where to find Moletta in Pokemon?

Meloetta can only be found in an event. I forgot the name but you can surely find out more about meloetta in

Where can you find celbi in Pokemon Black and White?

You cannot find Celebi in-game in Pokemon Black and White. You must get it from the Pokemon Black and White Tour.

Where is the white forest in Pokemon Black and white version?

Nowhere. you can find the Black city in pokemon black and White forest in pokemon white. YOu can't got to the white forest in pokemon black

Where do you find the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon black version?

Virizion - Pinwheel Forest Cobalion - Mistralton Cave Terakion - Victory Road Thundurus - White, Roaming Tornadus - Black, Roaming Zekrom - White, N's Castle Reshiram - Black, N's Castle Landorus - Fertility Shrine (Must have Tornadus and Thundurus) Keldeo - Event Meloetta - Event Genesect - Event