Where do you find chatot?

Updated: 4/27/2022
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Q: Where do you find chatot?
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How do you find chatot on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can catch chatot at the burned sprout and bell towers.

Where do you find chatot on Pokemon SoulSilver?

CHATOT is in the Burned Tower when you play the Sinnoh music on thursdays

Where to find chatot in Pokemon platinum?

You find it on route 222.

How does chatot evolve?

Chatot has no evolution at all.

Where can you find a chatot in Pokemon diamond?

in a patch of grass before sunnyshore city

What does chatot evolve into?

Apparently chatot evolves into Paratot, at level 52no chatot does not evolve or are you talking about Pokemon

How do you find chatot in heartgold?

there is a boy in eterna city that wants a buizel. he will trade you a chatot for your buizel.(buizel found at valley wind works,route 205 south,205 north,213 and route 224.) Also you can find chatot at route 213(where i found it looking for buizel...)

Where to find the Pokemon chatot in Pokemon soul silver?

To find Chatot, you need to be listening to the Sinnoh Sound radio station, only on on Thursdays, and go to one of 3 places. These places are The Sprout Tower, The Burnt Tower, and The Bell Tower.

Pokemon Diamond chatot?

To get a Chatot in Pokemon Diamond- 1.) You can go to Eterna City and in the first floor of the building next to the Pokemart a Buizel for a Chatot named Charap. The Chatot will be the same level as the buizel you give to him. 2.) You can go to Route 213 for a Chatot level: 23, 25 3.) You can go to Route 218 for a Chatot level: 28, 30 4.) You can go to Route 222 for a Chatot level: 38 5.) You can go to Route 224 for a Chatot level: 52, 54

What level does chatot learn sing?

Chatot learns sing at level 13.

What Pokemon is number 102 on Pokemon pearl pokedex and where do you find it?

It is Chatot. You find it in Routes 222 and 224 (morning and day)

Who is number 102 in the Sinnoh pokedex?

It is Chatot. You can find it on route 222 Hope this helped u!