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You find it on route 222.

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Q: Where to find chatot in Pokemon platinum?
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What is Pokemon 102 In Pokemon Platinum?


What is number 102 pokedex Pokemon Platinum?

in the sinnoh reigon chatot in the national exeggcute

What Pokemon are capable of learning sing in Pokemon platinum?

a chatot can learn sing

Where can you get an eleckid in Pokemon platinum?

you can get an eleckid at that route right before sunnyshore city! Go in the grass and you can find it, or you can find these pokemon: glameow chatot floatzel and luxio!

Why can't the name of my chatot change on pokemon platinum?

It was probably traded

How do you get chatot on Pokemon sapphire?

It's not possible. You can only get Chatot in Diamond, Pearl or Platinum, because that's the generation in which it was created.

How do you find chatot on Pokemon SoulSilver?

You can catch chatot at the burned sprout and bell towers.

How do you catch a taillow in Pokemon platinum?

You need to breed a Male Chatot with a Femal Swellow to have an egg

Where do you find chatot on Pokemon SoulSilver?

CHATOT is in the Burned Tower when you play the Sinnoh music on thursdays

What trainer has chatot in Pokemon platinum?

Well, the two old people near the mansion south of Hearthome. Battle the old man, and he should have a Chatot. Or if you'd like to have a Chatot, there's a kid that will ask you if you'd like to trade for a Chatot. I don't remember the Pokemon you need, but he'll trade it to you. Haunter, maybe. But anyway, Chatot is pretty cool to have.

In Pokemon platinum where do you find chatot?

head left from sunnyshore city and as soon as you see some grass walk around in it but one thing it has to be morning time on your game

Where do you find a chatot in pokemon platinum?

In the tall grass on the route towards Sunyshore City (I forget the actual name of the route, sorry). A dude in the Eterna City Condos will also trade you a Chatot called Charap (aaaww!) in return for a Buizel. Hope this helped :)