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you find it bihind the bloody focking valley windworks

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Q: Where do you find an electirizer in Pokemon platinum?
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Where can you find a electirizer in Pokemon platinum?

Elekids normally hold it

Where do you find a eletirizer on Pokemon platinum?

find an elekid and you have a 50% chance it will be holding an electirizer.

What an electirizer is used for on Pokemon platinum?

An electirizer is for to evolve a electbuzz to a electivire

Where to get eiectirizer on Pokemon platinum?

There is an Electirizer at the Valley Windworks.

How do get a electirizer on Pokemon platnium?

Pokemon wit electirizer on other game must trade ten get the item of the trated Pokemon e vaila item on platinum.

Where do you get the electirizer in Pokemon platinum?

The Electirizer can be found on some wild Electabuzz and behind Valley Windworks (requires Surf)

How do you find an Electirizer?

You go out and buy an Action Replay or you can make an Electabuzz hold Electirizer and trade the Electabuzz. Wild Electabuzz and Elekid can sometimes be found holding an Electirizer in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. You will need to use the move Trick (or a similar item-stealing move) or catch these Pokemon to get an Electirizer.

What does the item Electirizer do in Pokemon Platinum?

If an Electabuzz holds it when traded, it will evolve into Electrive.

How do you eloveling electabuss on Pokemon platinum?

You have to make it hold the item ELECTIRIZER and trade it.

What to do with Electirizer in Pokemon Platinum?

When you give it to Electabuzz to hold and trade it, it will evolve into Electivire

Where is the electririzer in Pokemon platinum?

Use surf in Floroama town and then you will find the valley windworks on the west area of the valley windworks there is an island in the water on it is the electirizer.

What is electirizer in pokemon platinum?

An item that evolves Electabuzz into Electivire when Electabuzz is traded while holding it.