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The only way i know is to lose in a bug catching contest

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Q: Where do you find a shell bell soul silver?
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Where can you find soothing bell in soul silver?

Ice pack man

Where do you find the Soothe Bell in Pokemon Soul Silver?

You can find one in the National Park.

Where can you find the tidal bell in Pokemon Soul Silver?

Beat the five Kimono Girls.

Were do you find a soothe bell on Pokemon soul silver if you got rid of the other one?

you can not get a soothe bell agin sory

Where to find soothe bell in SoulSilver?

To find the soothe bell in Soul silver look around the national park north of goldenrod city and soon you should find the Soothe Bell!

How do you get a tidal bell in soul silver?

no todal bell found

How do you get the smooth bell in soul silver?

In the game

How do you get sooth bell in Pokemon soul silver?

go to national park and towards the back u wil find a item that is the soothe bell

Where do you find a gasly in Pokemon soul silver?

Sprout tower & bell tower (Take note they are not the only places)

Where can you get a smoohe bell in Pokemon soul silver?

The Soothe Bell is located in the National park.

Where is the bell tower in Pokemon soul silver?

The Bell Tower is in Ecrutek City (where you get Ho-oh)

Where can you get a map to find lugia in Pokemon soul silver?

You don't need one. First you need to get the silver wing, and then beat the kimono girls, and they will give you the tide bell.