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All 4th generation Pokemon cannot be caught in any earlier generation game so Starly is one of them so that means firered can't get it.

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Q: Where do you find Starly in Pokemon FireRed?
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How do you find staravia in Pokemon FireRed?

staravia isn't a kanto region Pokemon it's a sinnoh region Pokemon therefore you can't get a starly, staravia, or a staraptor in leaf green or fire red

What Pokemon are easy to find?

bidoof and starly!!

Where do you find starly in Pokemon lake?

in map 6,7,8,9,10,11,12

Where do you find staravia in Pokemon Gold?

You have to evolve a starly

Where do you find apokemon that can fly in Pokemon diamond?

Starly which you can find on your first battle. you can find starly around that Area. but they are hard to find because of bidoofs

What type of Pokemon is Starly?

Starly is a Normal and Flying type pokemon.

Who is a better Pokemon tailow or starly?


Do you see new Pokemon first in Pokemon diamond?

Yes. The pokemon you battle with your starter when you "save" Prof. Rowan is a Starly, and you can find other Starly and Shinx and Bidoof on the route above your hometown.

Where can you find a sandslash in Pokemon FireRed?

You cant find it in Firered only leafgreen.

On Pokemon FireRed how do you find staryus?

Staryu is a water type Pokemon. In Pokemon FireRed, it is possible to find lots of Staryus in the Seafoam Islands.

Where do you find a piloswine in Pokemon FireRed?

You cannot find Piloswine in the wild on Pokemon FireRed. You can find it's pre-evolved form Swinub in Icefall Cave on Floe Island in the Sevii Islands of Pokemon FireRed.

Where do you find serebii in Pokemon FireRed?

Celebi cannot be found in Pokemon FireRed. The only way to get Celebi in Pokemon FireRed is receiving it from an event distribution. These events are sadly no longer supported for Pokemon FireRed.