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Only in Fire Red,xd and gold/silver/crystal Fire Red: Shellder is common at One Island, Five Island, and Vermillion City. XD: Only one, capture from Cipher Peon Gorog in Cipher Key Lair. Information from the Pokemon Pocket Pokedex book. shellder is at vermillion city and olivine at the docks.

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Q: Where do you catch shellder in Pokemon?
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Where to catch a shellder on Pokemon pearl?

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Where do you catch a shellder in Pokemon pearl?

You could catch a Shellder at Valley Windworks only by using your super rod

In what Pokemon games may you catch a shellder?

You can catch shellder in Pokemon red, blue, yellow, gold, silver, crystal, FireRed, XD, diamond, and pearl.

How do you get pearl on Pokemon platinum?

Catch a shellder than he will be holding a pearl.

Where can you get a cloyster in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Catch a shellder then use a water stone on it it will evolve into cloyster.

Where do you catch shelleder on Pokemon LeafGreen?

u cant catch shellder in Pokemon leaf green u trade it from Pokemon fire red and ya HAPPY PLAYING!!:)

How do you catch cloyster in Pokemon Crystal?

Sorry to say, but you can't catch Cloyster. You have to catch a Shellder with a Water Stone. You can catch a Shellder by fishing in Olivine City (SS Aqua Entrance), Vermillion City, Cinnabar Island, Seafoam Island and on Route 21.

Where do you catch shellder in Pokemon platinum?

You can catch shellder in the museum at Oreburgh city,,, to catch it you must go through a secret passageway in the back and you ill find a secret garden with shellder's and eevee's. It don't work wheres the secert passageway.!!!.!!!?!!! There is no such thing. You get a shielder on route 205 with a super rod, and eevee are found in the Trophy Garden or in front of the mansion.

Where can you find a wild shellder in Pokemon diamond?

Shellder appears in the bodies of water in the lower part of Route 205, the Valley Windworks, and Fuego Ironworks. You need a Super Rod to catch one.

Where to get shellder in pokemon LeafGreen?

you cant you can only get shellder in Pokemon fire red version sorry about it it made me mad to

Pokemon LeafGreen how to get shellder?

Shellder is a version exclusive Pokemon only found in Fire red. But, Instead of Shellder, you can get Slowpoke, if you use a good rod in the Vermillion city harbor.

How get shellder in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Shellder can't be found in the wild in Pokemon leaf green, you would have to trade it from fire red.