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Shellder can't be found in the wild in Pokemon leaf green, you would have to trade it from fire red.

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Q: How get shellder in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Where to get shellder in pokemon LeafGreen?

you cant you can only get shellder in Pokemon fire red version sorry about it it made me mad to

Where is cloyster in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Cloyster can only be obtained through evolving Shellder. Shellder is a FireRed-exclusive Pokemon in Generation III.

Where are Shellder in Pokemon?

Shellder can be found in firered and leafgreen either you fish for one or look in seafoam islands.

Pokemon LeafGreen how to get shellder?

Shellder is a version exclusive Pokemon only found in Fire red. But, Instead of Shellder, you can get Slowpoke, if you use a good rod in the Vermillion city harbor.

Can you find a shelder in Pokemon LeafGreen?

I know firered can, if you seen a shellder look at it on your pokedex and check its area if it says unkown you will HAVE to trade a shellder to leafgreen from firered.

Where do you get a cloyster in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Get a shellder then use a water stone on it and it will evolve into a cloyster.

Where can you get a cloyster in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Catch a shellder then use a water stone on it it will evolve into cloyster.

How do you getshedder on LeafGreen?

you can't get a shellder in leafgreen, you can only get it in firered. you can ask a friend that has that game to catch you a shellder and trade it to you.

Where do you get cloyster in Pokemon LeafGreen?

u hau have to trade a shellder from firered and then evolve it w/ a water stone.

What Pokemon can you evolve with a waterstone in Pokemon ruby?

lombrea, evee, poliwhirl, shellder, and staryu. some of these can only be found in firered and leafgreen so you will need to trade. that's all I can think of.

Where do you catch shelleder on Pokemon LeafGreen?

u cant catch shellder in Pokemon leaf green u trade it from Pokemon fire red and ya HAPPY PLAYING!!:)

What Pokemon can you not find in Pokemon LeafGreen?

in leaf green you cant find ekans, arbok, oddish, gloom, vileplume, psyduck, golduck, growlithe, arcanine, shellder, cloyster, scyther, and electobuzz but you can trade them from fire red.