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Sky Pillar they tell you at the harbor in lilycove

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Q: Where do you catch raquaza in Pokemon emerald?
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How do you catch Raquaza in pokemon firered?

you cant it is only in emerald unless you trade.

How do you catch raquaza in Pokemon Diamond?

depending on the game there r certain Pokemon u cannot catch like say on emerald u cant catch palkia or dialga so on diamond u cant catch raquaza sorry

Can you catch raquaza in pokemon diamond?

don't think so but you can in sapphire ruby emerald in the sky pillar but not for sure about emerald

Do you need a master ball to catch raquaza in Pokemon emerald?

No just plenty of ultra balls.

Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

Raquaza (sorry if I mispeled that)

What do you need to do to get raquaza in Pokemon Sapphire?

trade it from emerald or get a gameshark and get some code to get a raquaza

Can you catch raquaza before you face the elite four in pokemon emerald?

Yes, you can catch Rayquaza at the top of Sky Pillar before facing the Elite 4.

How do you raquaza on Pokemon emerald?

go to the sky pillar

What type of Pokemon is raquaza in emerald?

Dragon and flying

Do you have to beat the elite four to get raquaza in Pokemon emerald?


What is the best Pokemon in Pokemon emerald and how do you get it?

Its raquaza. u can get him at sky pillar.

Who is raquaza?

raquaza is a master legendary Pokemon in emerald ruby and Sapphire. his is most likely to be the best Pokemon in the series (Case in point)