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You cant catch chandelure straight off but you can get a litwick from the celestial tower then evolve it into a lampent on lv 41 then use a dusk stone on lampent to evolve it into chandelure. if you wish to play competitively then iv breed it, look on smogon for more advice on that, also if you're breeding for a certain nature you should give the pokemon with the preferred nature an everstone so theres a 50 % chance that the hatched pokemon will inherit the parents nature. I hope this isn't too confusing and I hope this helps you :)

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Q: Where do you catch chandelure in pokemon black?
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What Pokemon does a dusk stone evolve in Pokemon black?

Lampent to Chandelure.

What type of Pokemon is Chandelure?

Chandelure is a Ghost and Fire type pokemon.

Does chandelure evolve in Pokemon White?

Chandelure cannot evolve.

What Pokemon evolve using a dawn stone on white and black?

All i know is Lampent into Chandelure.

What ghost Pokemon are in black and white?

the ghost Pokemon in black and white are Frillish, Jellicent, Litwick, Lampent, Chandelure, Yamask, Golett, Golurk those are the only ghost type Pokemon in Pokemon black and white.

What Pokemon evolves using a dusk stone in Pokemon black?

Misdreavus - Mismagius (if you can get a traded Misdreavus) Murkrow - Honchkrow Lampent - Chandelure

Is Samurott emboar electross klingklang chandelure and swoobat a good party for Pokemon Black?

yea but not swoobat

Is chandelure a legendary Pokemon?

of course not

What rotom form should you use for your team Pokemon black?

My team: Krookodile Braviary Carracosta Chandelure Ferrothorn

How do you catch Zapdos in Pokemon Black?

to catch zapdos in pokemon black you have to have every legendary pokemon

Where can you catch bisharp in Pokemon Black?

You dont catch it in pokemon black you have to evolve it into bisharp

Who to catch raquza in Pokemon Black?

You cannot catch Rayquaza in-game in Pokemon Black.