Where did Goku meet pikkon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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goku met pikkon when he fought in the other world Martial Arts competition

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Q: Where did Goku meet pikkon?
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Who is stronger Pikkon or Goku?

PikkonHave you noticed over 1000 years of training?Also Goku almost died a second time and Pikkon had a few scratches.

What episode does Goku vs Pikkon?

episode 184

What are the release dates for Dragon Ball Z - 1989 Goku vs- Pikkon 5-5?

Dragon Ball Z - 1989 Goku vs- Pikkon 5-5 was released on: USA: 14 September 2001

How do you watch the dragon ball z show goku vs pikkon?

you tube should have it or buy season 7

Is Goku stronger than pikkon?

Yes Goku is stronger than Pikkon as you remember they were only true equals during the end of the cell games saga . Were Pikkon was only able to go toe to toe with Goku in his super sayian form . Both were equal but overall goku seemed to be the greater fighter even after their fight . Now at the end of the Kid Buu saga goku managed to reveal that he surpassed gohan at super sayian 2 when he revealed his super sayian 2 tranformation , and should have definitly proved it when he turned into super sayian 3 . So if Goku could beat Pikkon in his normal Super sayian transformation what gives you a chance he can beat him in super sayian 3 . I would just overkilled the answer and said that Goku SS4 in GT . But sadly its not official it is all OVA . But Goku by the end of the kid buu saga he reaches super sayian 3 which clearly is multiple times stronger than his super sayian transformation .

Does Goku meet kid Goku?


Why don't Goku Jr and Goku meet at the end of the last DragonBall GT episode?

Goku and Goku Jr. meet in the DragonBall GT movie, "A Hero's Legacy."

What episode does Goku meet bardock?

Goku never meets Bardock.

What is Pikkon's power level?

Well, let's see....Goku was 120,000,000 as a Super Saiyan when he sacrificed himself at the end of the Cell Saga. Assuming he didn't do any offscreen training between then and the Otherworld Tournament (and it's pretty unlikely that he did), Pikkon was probably around 130,000,000 when they fought; he had an edge on Goku nearly the whole fight. He seems like an intense training guy, though, so he probably just kept getting stronger after that.

When goku meet bardock In the manga?

I don't think they ever meet.

Why are Goku and vegeta dead in fusion reborn?

goku's not dead, he just went to other world to fight janemba with pikkon. vegeta is though, because the fusion reborn movie is set when goku has to go back to other world and leave goten and the others to piccolo for fusion training. the movies always change and are not that important to the original anime story.

Did Goku ever meet brolly?