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In HG/SS you trade Shards for Berries. Trade with Jugglers in Violet City and Fuchsia City.

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Q: Where can you trade Shards for Stones in Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver?
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What are all the stones for Pokemon emerald?

find the guy who collects shards and trade shards for stones

In Pokemon emerald where do you trade shards for stones?

you can trade shards for stones in hunters house. His house is southwest of mossdeep.

What do shards do in Pokemon?

They can be traded for evolutionary stones.

What Pokemon evolves the quickest in heartgold?

Pokemon that evolve with stones

What is the green shard used for in Pokemon sapphire?

The green shard can be traded for a leaf stone if you talk to the Treasure Hunter on Route 124. Any shards can be traded in for an evolution stone. Yellow Shards = Thunderstones Blue Shards = Water Stones Red Shards = Fire Stones Green Shards = Leaf Stones However there are no shards that allow you to receive a Moon Stone.

How do you get stones on Pokemon emerald?

All stones must be obtained by trading shards to the hunter west of mossdeep city shards can be found underwater near the hunter's house.

Is there a place where you can trade shards for stones in Pokemon diamond?

Sadly, no. You can get stones in the underground. Just keep digging.

List of of all pokemon that evolve with stones in soulsilver?

witch Pokemon evolve with stones in soul silver

Where do you find stones on Pokemon emerald?

You catch Pokémon underwater which hold shards, then you trade those shards with the treasure hunter for evolution stones.

How do you get shards turned into stones on platinum?

there is this guy in the sea at sunyshore city then you talk to him and he changes all the shards into stones or you can buy the NDS action replay ultimate code for Pokemon and get 999x stones of every kind

What can be dig up from underground at Pokemon diamond?

fossils, shards, stones, plates, spheres

What do the shards do in Pokemon ruby?

You can trade them for evolution stones eg. yellow shard = thunderstone