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go underground, get a skull fossil, put it in your ground level bag using the treasure slot in your below ground bag when you are underground, take it to the oreburgh mining museum, talk to the man behind the counter, say yes, go outside and walk back in, take your cranidos and evolve it.

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Q: Where can you see a rampardos in Pokemon platinum?
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Where to find rampardos on Pokemon platinum?

you cant, you ether evolve a cranidos or see a trainer with it

Can you catch rampardos in Pokemon platinum?

ya underground

How do you evolve cranidos into rampardos Pokemon platinum?

level it to level 30

Where do you fight a rampardos in Pokemon platinum?

you can not find a wild rampardos in platinum you have to catch a cranidos by finding a skull fossil underground and then evolve cranidos at lv. 30 hope that helps =)

Where do you see rampardos in Pokemon pearl?

in the middle

Where do you battle a trainer with a rampardos?

only Pokemon pearl/diamond/platinum has,so give up!

How can you see Rampardos in Pokemon Diamond?

you go to vitory road

What type of Pokemon is Rampardos?

Rampardos is a Rock type pokemon.

How do you get Rampardos in Pokemon platinum before stark mountain?

Rampardos can be obtained any time after you gain the Explorer Kit (As you need the Explorer Kit to find the Skull Fossil), revive at Oreburgh and there you've got Cranidos which evolves to Rampardos

How do you evolve Rampardos in Pokemon Indigo?

Rampardos does not evolve into anything!

How do you get Rampardos in Pokemon Platinum?

it is hard,but you need to go underground with the platinum drace,the drace is in the stark mountain right up the top,it helps you to find Pokemon that normally don't appear very well,like aipom,combee,heracross,but go underground with a drace and use it underground,then Pokemon ca appear for 5000 steps,(but great Pokemon like rampardos) so just use the drace go into secret base,if you have a TV click on it and will say ''a Pokemon somehow appeared!'' and you go to the middle of your base,then a lv.90 rampardos appeared!

What Pokemon deck has Rampardos EX?

No deck has Rampardos EX. The Skull charge theme deck has rampardos.