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You can put plants in your secret bases in emerald

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Q: Where can you put plants in Pokemon emerald?
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What is behind those three plants in Pokemon emerald?

You will have to say where the plants are.

How do you put in master balls in Pokemon emerald?

You don't.

Where can you put your poster in Pokemon Emerald?

In your secret base.

If you put a Pokemon emerald game in a ds and a Pokemon platinum game in another ds can the accounts in each game battle or trade?

No. But if you put Emerald and Platinum in the same DS you can migrate pokémon from Emerald to Platinum.

On Pokemon emerald can you put a male Pokemon in the daycare with a Ditto and get an egg?

yes actually you can

How do you make friendship in Pokemon emerald?

If you put Soothe Bell on a Pokemon or give it Pokeblocks.

Where do you put in cheat codes into Pokemon emerald?

On an action replay

What does emerald fragment do in Pokemon?

After you get 10 emerald fragments you can combine it in the pokemon lab and then you put it on your first pokemon in your party and u can catch zapados (I don't know where zapados is)

Can you complete Pokemon Emerald in 1minute without Pokemon?

..If that's the case why do they put 'Pokemon Emerald'[with heavy emphasise on the word 'Pokemon']on the box in which contains the cartridge anyways? And no way can you finish Pokemon Emerald in 60 seconds. You can't even leave your hometown without a Pokemon.

Can you put Pokemon emerald in a DS?

yes put it in the game boy game slot

Should you get Pokemon emerald or ruby?

you really should get emerald cause Pokemon ruby and Sapphire are separate and emerald is those 2 put together so instead of getting ruby and getting groudon just get emerald and you can get groudon and kyroge and newer Pokemon

How do you migerrate Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

you put the game sapphire,ruby or emerald in slot2 on your ds