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go to the veilstone mart it is north-west of the poke-center

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ask some1 else

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Q: Where can you get thunderbolt TM in Pokemon diamond?
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Pokemon diamond can a Cresselia learn thunderbolt?

No it cannot not even using a TM

What is TM 24 in Pokemon ruby?


What are the TM in Pokemon Emerald?

The Tm's are moves that can be tought to certain pokemon e.g:pikachu can learn thunderbolt.

Can laparas learn thunderbolt in Pokemon FireRed?

It can learn Thunderbolt through TM.

What is TM 24 in Pokemon Fire Red?


Where to get thunderbolt TM Pokemon white?

the pawn shop

What is TM 90 in Pokemon Diamond?

In Pokemon Diamond the TM 90 is the move substitute.

Where do you find the TM thunderbolt in Pokemon Blue?

You receive TM24 (Thunderbolt) from Lt. Surge after defeating him.

Where is thunderbolt in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can buy the TM thunderbolt in the rocket price shop in celadon city

Where is TM spark in Pokemon Diamond?

their is no tm for spark in pokemon

Where is the TM for thunderbolt in Pokemon soul silver?

Cerulean Cave

Where do you get the TM hypnosis in Pokemon diamond?

Hypnosis is not a TM.