Where can you get shiny starly?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Starly can be found at a few routes in the beginning of the game. However, if you plan on getting a shiny Starly, I suggest you try Route 201-the first route you go to at the start of the game. Using the Poke radar you receive from Professor Oak or Rowan (I'm not sure), you can chain Starly and with a Poketech app from Prof. Oak at Pal Park, you can keep a record of your chain. Get 40 of the Starly, but good luck, it takes a while and a bit of practice.

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Q: Where can you get shiny starly?
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What is the chance that you can see a shiny starly in Pokemon Diamond verson?

well for me id say a shiny starly in Pokemon diamond is about a 50 50 chance unless you make ur starly shiny

I have a shiny Starly Level 100 how did I evolve it?

you don't

How do you get gold Arceus in Pokemon pearl?

"Gold Arceus is Shiny Arceus. It is EXTREMELY rare to get a Shiny Arceus. It is rare to get a Shiny Starly by comparison." i think our little friend was was refering to A.R.

How many chains to get a shiny starly on platinum?

I've seen it happen and it's usually around 40-50

How do you get a shiny starly in SoulSilver?

It's all random. It could take you many encounters or be really lucky to just get a few encounters.

Who is a better Pokemon tailow or starly?


Where can you find a shiny starly on Pokemon diamond?

To get a Staravia you have to evolve starly or trade

What level does starly evolve at?

Starly evolves into Staravia when it's a level 14.Starly evolves at level 14!

How do you make your Pokemon shiny Pokemon platuim?

You have to play your game for a VERY LONG time. I got a shiny starly and a shiny machop that way. In Pokemon leafgreen you have to play for 6 hours,so you better have a LOT of free time 'cause 6 hours is a QUARTER of a day! I did it during Spring and Summer vacation from school.

What level will starly evolve at?

starly evolves into staravia at level 14

What type of Pokemon is Starly?

Starly is a Normal and Flying type pokemon.

When does Starly evolve in Pokemon Diamond?

Starly evolves into Staravia at Level 15.