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You will have to trade for Starly. Another option would be to use Poke Transfer.

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Q: How do you get a starly in Pokemon White?
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What type of Pokemon is Starly?

Starly is a Normal and Flying type pokemon.

Who is a better Pokemon tailow or starly?


How Do you get a Staraptor in Pokemon Diamond?

train a starly or capture it the envolved starly Pokemon near a mountain i don't know where

Is starly the best choice of partner Pokemon?

Starly is a pretty good one, you will get there with him/her!

When does Starly evolve in Pokemon Diamond?

Starly evolves into Staravia at Level 15.

Which pokemon live in white forest?

Aron, Seedot, Starly, Rhyhorn, Happiny, Bellsprout. Hope this helped:) Babin2052

Which Pokemon is 396 in the nationaldex?


What is the chance that you can see a shiny starly in Pokemon Diamond verson?

well for me id say a shiny starly in Pokemon diamond is about a 50 50 chance unless you make ur starly shiny

Which Pokemon is our partner Pokemon ranger2?

Starly, Pachuritsu, or Munchslax

What is a good nickname for the Pokemon starly?

areoblast speedy prety starly light awesome boomer

What Pokemon are easy to find?

bidoof and starly!!

How do you capture the starly in Pokemon ranger shadows of almia?

It is one of the starters that you can take out of pachirisu , munchlax, and starly