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Simple! Just go into a Poke' Mart, talk to the clerks behind the desk, and buy one!

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Q: Where can you get an escape rope in Soul Silver?
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How do you get out of the ice path in soul silver?

Use Dig or Escape Rope.

How do you get out of whirls island on Pokemon Soul Silver?

escape rope or dig :)

How do you escape the ice cave in Pokemon soul silver?

If you just want to get out, use an Escape Rope. If you want to get to the other side, look up the map of Ice Cave.

When does Claire give you dragon pulse in soul silver?

Either on your way out of the Dragon's Den, or if you used an escape rope or dig, in the gym, after you've taken the test.

How do you beat the stone picture on soul silver?

the pictures of a kabuto and it the wall in the back of the room says use escape rope here good luck and hope this helped

With out escape rope any way out from whirl island in soul silver Pokemon game?

Let your Pokemon faint. Then you'll go to the lsat Pokemon center you were at. Or if you have someone with dig, use it to get out.

How do you get to the elder in sprout tower in heart gold soul silver?

you go forward between the pillars and you will see your rival he will leave using a escape rope then just walk up to the Elder and battle him

What item do you use for the fourth unknown letter puzzle in Soul Silver?

Which one is the fourth? The four are: ESCAPE: Use an Escape Rope in front of the tile. LIGHT: Use Flash in front of the tile. HO-OH: Have a Ho-oh in your party and examine the tile. WATER: Have a Water Stone in your bag and examine the tile.

What to do if you dont have an escape rope for new mauville?

You can get out of New Mauville without using an Escape Rope.

What move do you need to solve the forth unknown puzzle on Pokemon soul silver?

Upper Left: Have Ho-oh first in your party Lower Left: Have a water stone with you Upper Right: Use an Escape Rope Lower Right: Use Flash I hope that helps.

I went into Lugia's cave and caught Lugia but then did i realized that i didnt have an escape rope. How do I get out?

Just go out the door you came in and go backwards there is a way out other than an escape rope, i haven't played silver/gold/HeartGold/SoulSilver in a few months so i dont remember the way out completely.

How do you escape mtmoon tunel?

you use a escape rope or remember where you came from