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you cant get a wild bulbasaur in the game you get it as a starter Pokemon from professor oak when you beat red on mt silver

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Q: Where can you get a wild Bulbasaur in HeartGold?
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Can you get a wild Bulbasaur in the wild in HeartGold?


How do you catch a Bulbasaur in Pokemon HeartGold?

You cannot catch a Bulbasaur in the wild. You must defeat Red on top of Mt. Silver. Then, you can go to Professor Oak and choose the bulbasaur.

Can you get a Bulbasaur egg in HeartGold?

Yes, get a Bulbasaur from Professor Oak and breed it with a Ditto.

Can you find Bulbasaur in heartgold?

You can get Bulbasaur from professor oak. You could also get Squirtle or Charmander.

How do you capture Bulbasaur in HeartGold?

After you beat the game Professor Oak will give you a Bulbasaur in Pallet Town.

How do you evolve Bulbasaur in Pokemon HeartGold?

train it silly lol

Can you catch Bulbasaur in heartgold?

To obtain Bulbasaur you must defeat Red in the Kanto region, and then Professer Oak will reward by letting you choose a Bulbasaur, Squirtle, or Charmander.

Can you get Bulbasaur in pokemon platinum?

No you cannot because you get get it in the wild and no one gives i to you you can migrate from another game like pokemon Heartgold where you get it after you beat trainer Red ontop of mt. Silver.

How do you catch a Venusaur on Pokemon HeartGold?

you do not catch it . you can bulbasaur when you get it from proff oak

Where to catch Bulbasaur or ivysaur or vanesaur?

Bulbasaur can be chosen as a started Pokemon in Red, Blue, FireRed and LeafGreen and one can be given to you by Professor Oak after compleating HeartGold or SoulSilver and by a woman in Cerulean City in Yellow version. You can also transfer a Bulbasaur from another game. There is no way to find wild Bulbasaur without a cheat device (except possibly by exploiting glitches in Red, Blue and Yellow) The only way to get an Ivysaur or a Venusaur is to evolve Bulbasaur (or transfer from somebody who has evolved a Bulbasaur).

How do you see bulbasaur?

You can't find Bulbasaur in the wild on Pokemon Diamond or Pearl (not sure about Platinum).

How can you get a Bulbasaur in Pokemon Crystal?

There is nowhere the player can capture a wild Bulbasaur in Pokemon Crystal. It can be traded using the Time Capsule.