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In the manor or outside it.

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Q: Where can you get a shovel draynor manor in RuneScape?
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In RuneScape the game how do you get a shovel?

There are many places you can get a shovel on runescape such as in Draynor Manor, you can buy one at the Grand Exchange, there is a little shack in Falador, with a shovel respawn in it. Its on the road northwest of the east bank in fally. Hope I helped you, Gigglybeth :)

Where is ernest in RuneScape?

Draynor manor top floor

Were can you get the fish food and poison on Runescape?

Go to draynor manor and it is a spawn there.

Where is the fish fountain in runescape in draynor manor?

at the south west corner outside the manor hope its helped! :)

Where is the compost in Draynor manor in Runescape?

face draynor maror. then, to your left hand, you will see a place with sand.this isit =) vegeto_tr7

Where do you find ernest the chicken in runescape quests?

The top floor of Draynor Manor.

Where is the fountian in draynor manor in RuneScape?

Nears the Gateway (Not the front door) to the Manor, facing East - go North.

Where is the fish bait and poison in draynor manor in runescape?

Use for quest help.

Where is the vampire lair in runescape?

Count Draynor?Easy just go on your map if you see Draynor manor then double click somewhere around it

In runescape what is the cracked wall in draynor manor?

it is when the wizard attacked the bank. go to the bank guard and he will show you the video.

Where is the turkey you need to find by Draynor Manor on RuneScape?

It's not by it, it is inside it, on the top floor. Also it's a chicken. Not ernest the turkey.

How do you get to the barbarian village in RuneScape?

You can get to Barbarian village by walking west of varrock, or east of falador, or north of draynor manor, or south of edgeville.