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it is when the wizard attacked the bank. go to the bank guard and he will show you the video.

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Q: In runescape what is the cracked wall in draynor manor?
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Where is the witch for animal magnetism in runescape?

SIMPLE ANSWER:The witch is in Draynor Manor.Detail:As you enter the manor go west (not through any doors) until you get to the wall. Then go North and through that door (next the ghost thing in the little room) and then the witch is that room on your left (if your compass is facing north.

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Where is the loadstone in edgeville on RuneScape?

The lodestone is North-West of the edgeville bank, next to the wilderness wall.

Were is the saw mill on runescape?

south-east wall of the lumber yard, located east of varrock.

Where is the manhole near the castle in RuneScape?

Just South East of the castle, next to the castle wall

In runescape where is the warlord for tree gnome village?

On the wall slightly northwest of the treegnome vilage maze

Where to find oziach in runescape?

Oziach can be found in his house on the western edge of Edgeville, near the Wilderness wall.