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As far as I Know Chansey is not on the Pokemon Sapphire you can trade it from other versions like fire red or leaf green

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Q: Where can you get a Chansey in Pokemon Sapphire?
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Where are the strongest Pokemon in the Pokemon safari on Pokemon Sapphire?

The strongest Pokemon Sapphire in the safari zone are Heracross, North east, Dodrio North West,Lairon North West,Pinsar North West,Pikachu North East and North west, Chansey you can find everywhare.

What Pokemon will chansey and Ditto breed?

chansey dude.

Where do you catch a Chansey in Pokemon Silver?

In Pokemon silver you can catch a chansey in Fuschia city at midnight or a silver chansey in the morning. Hope this helps

What are all the rare pokemon in leafgreen?

mewtwo, zapdos, moltres, articuno, unkown and all the other legendary Pokemon in ruby, Sapphire, emerald, if you have the national pokedex *Unknown aren't really seen as legendary (or that rare for that matter) since there are caves FULL of them.

Second password in Pokemon FireRed?

Once you obtain the Sapphire in Dotted Hole a scientist will take it from you then tell you the 2nd password for the Rocket Warehous which is Yes nah Chansey.

Where do i get a chansey in Pokemon indigo?

Chansey can be found in Mauville City Gym map.

How does chansey evolve in Pokemon platinum?

One needs to increase Chansey's happiness to its maximum.

What Pokemon evolves into chansey?

Happiny evolves into Chansey. It evolves with a oval stone in the day

How do you Evolve Chansey in Pokemon Leafgreen?

Chansey > level up with max happiness > Blissey

Can you get a boy chansey in Pokemon platinum?


How do you get chansey on Pokemon Ranger?

its not on it sorry

How do you get chansey in Pokemon emerald?

Since you can't catch chansey you need to trade one from firered, leafgreen or Pokemon xd gale of darkness.