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Chansey > level up with max happiness > Blissey

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Q: How do you Evolve Chansey in Pokemon Leafgreen?
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How do you get a blissey on Pokemon emerald?

First you need a chansey which firered and leafgreen can get then to evolve chansey it needs max friendship with its trainer it will then evolve to blissey.

How does Chansey evolve in pokemon leafgreen?

u need to make chansey really really happy then level it up once then it evoles

How do you get Blissy in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You have to go to fuchsia city and go to the safari zone and catch a chansey and evolve it you have to train it.

What level chansey evovle in Pokemon LeafGreen?

It doesn't, not in leaf green atleast. If you trade it to a more recent game then evolve it by happiness.

How do you evolve a chansey in Pokemon FireRed?

You have to level it up when it likes you a lot.

How do you get a Chansey on Pokemon LeafGreen version?

The safari zone has chansey. But they're pretty tough to catch there.

What level does chansey evolve in LeafGreen?

it evolves when having the maximum amount of happiness.

Oval stone is for which Pokemon to evolve?

for hapinny to evolve into a chansey

Pokemon FireRed what does chansey evolve?


At what level does chansey evolve into Blissey on Pokemon fire red?

chansey does not evolve by level. it evolves by happiness. i hope this helped!

How does chansey evolve in Pokemon platinum?

One needs to increase Chansey's happiness to its maximum.

How do you get chansey in Pokemon emerald?

Since you can't catch chansey you need to trade one from firered, leafgreen or Pokemon xd gale of darkness.