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go to spring path south of veilstone city and enter the cave and just keep following the signs the you'll find giratina it will be at lvl 70 and when you leave and a couple minutes later go back to it and there be a rare bone there in a pokeball

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Q: Where can you get Giratina in Pokemon diamond?
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Can you rebattle Giratina in Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot rebattle legendary pokemon. (Correction, Giratina is on Platinum ONLY)

How do you get a Giratina video in Pokemon diamond?

Nowhere. There's no such thing as a "Giratina Video"

Is it true to get a Giratina in Pokemon diamond?


Is giratina good?

Yes, Giratina is a good Pokemon. It is one of the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum and Explorers of Sky.

What Pokemon should you use the master ball on in Pokemon diamond?


Can you get Giratina in Pokemon Emerald?

You cannot get Giratina in Pokemon Emerald. Emerald is a third generation Pokemon game, and Giratina didn't appear until the fourth generation, with Diamond and Pearl.

How do you catch Giratina on Pokemon black?

You can not. The only games to get Giratina are:Pokemon PlatinumPokemon pearlPokemon diamond

Who is gardenia in Pokemon diamond?

i don't know, but giratina is a legendary Pokemon if you mean him

Whats the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

im sure it giratina

How do you get Palkia and Giratina in pokemon diamond?

Go to spear pillar

Can you get origin Giratina in Pokemon diamond?

No. It's only for Platinum

Is Giratina in the crystal version?

Giratina (from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl) isn't in Pokemon Gold, Silver or Crystal. But if you mean Pokemon Platinum (the sequel to Diamond and Pearl), then yes. However Pokemon Platinum hasn't been released yet.